Michael Lyon

President and CEO, Lyon Capital

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Atlantic

Stream: Oceans

Michael is a lawyer and international business development expert focused on space and other tech sectors. He is leader in space tourism, he co-organized the first orbital tourist flights (Tito/Shuttleworth). Michael co-founded a leading STEM-related education firm Xtronaut Enterprises Inc. Lyon serves as President of Zero-G International and General Counsel to Zero-G Holdings.

He also founded Lyon Capital Group, providing legal and international business development advice, after serving as the Special Assistant to the Chairman of the U.S. Agency, the FDIC, during the Savings and Loan Financial Crisis, following completing his J.D., Law from Harvard Law School and undergraduate at the London School of Economics and Brandeis University.

Lyon wrote two books on cycle touring in Europe, a major hobby interest.