Nathan Kirchner

Venture Partner, Melt Ventures

Role: Investigator

Site: CDL-Melbourne

Stream: Prime

Nathan G.E. Kirchner is the founder of Presien – a cutting-edge AI vision systems for heavy industries. Nathan is the executive chair and chief strategy officer at Australian Droid + Robot – field hard and proven advanced robotics for heavy industries. He is also an advisor for robotics and ventures at several large organizations, an advisor at a handful of additional deep tech/field robotics and AI early-stage startups through to large corporates. He is also a venture partner at one of Australia’s leading hardware-first venture capital firms, a founding director of the Robotics Australia Group peak body and sits on the advisory board of Queensland Robotics.

Nathan is an active academic in this field as an honorary professor at the Ohio State University. He has previously served in high-ranking roles, such as the head of robotics at one of the world’s largest private construction companies, and has held multiple academic appointments at Stanford University in California and the University of Technology Sydney.