Richard D. Titus

Managing Partner, OGVC | Strategic Advisor, Brand & Recruitment

Role: Fellow

Sites: CDL-Atlanta, CDL-Paris, CDL-Toronto

Streams: Blockchain, Climate, Space

With 30 years as an entrepreneur, 20 years of Angel investing, and four years in digital securities, Titus is an experienced operator & investor with a passion for technology and innovation. In 2017, Titus co-founded a leading blockchain and digital ledger technology (DLT / Blockchain) consulting and advisory firm, ARK Advisors, which advised 20+ blockchain companies on go to market, fundraising and strategy. Titus also led ARK Fund’s investment efforts sourcing, syndicating & deploying capital into a series of blockchain startups. These efforts and the isolation of the global pandemic led Titus and his partners to form and launch his own seed-stage fund OGVC, an early-stage venture fund focused on Exponential Technology for Existential Challenges.

A serial entrepreneur, CEO, coach, advisor, and investor, Titus has launched or co-founded over a dozen companies, including Razorfish, Los Angeles (via the acquisition of TAG Media), Schematic (acquired by WPP, now branded: Possible), ARK, Videoplaza, and (which sold to Breezeworks in 2016 as his fifth exit in a row). With a passion for emerging technology, Titus serves as a board director, advisor, and coach to companies in high-growth emerging technology sectors, including blockchain, AI, agtech, robotics, information security, and quantum computing. Since 2016 he has served as a Mentor Fellow & Associate at the Creative Destruction Lab and guides and represents CDL with the LIBRA Association, of which it is a founding member.

In addition to his entrepreneurial history, Titus held senior leadership roles at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), where he was instrumental in launching iPlayer, the personalized homepage, and the BBC’s mobile service. Later, as CEO of Associated Northcliffe Digital, the digital holding company of DMGT (Daily Mail), he led the turnaround of a legacy media and digital classified giant. He also led product planning, customer, and user experience for Samsung Electronics’s Visual Display division (all consumer electronics), working out of Seoul, Korea, from 2015-17. In his early career, he worked in Film, Television & videogames with 17+ titles to his name, winning several festival awards, including Sundance and the WGA award with “Who Killed the Electric Car?” Titus is based on the west coast of the US with his Lover and three daughters.