Shreya Shukla

Investigator | Commercialization, Regenerative Medicine

Role: Investigator

Site: CDL-Vancouver

Stream: Health

Shreya is a Co-Founder and Director of Research at Notch Therapeutics, advancing universal iPSC-derived immune cell therapeutic programs from discovery-stage to scale-up. She directs experimental design, leads design and execution of process optimization, and contributes to IP strategy related to novel platform developments. She also collaborates with senior leadership to coordinate the ideation phase and planning of new programs and technologies in the Notch pipeline. Previously, Shreya worked at CCRM as a Development Scientist / Entrepreneur where she was focused on driving forward a new company incubation within CCRM. As co-inventor, this was to further develop IP from her PhD in the Zandstra laboratory which ultimately led to the creation and launch of Notch Therapeutics. At Notch, Shreya designed and executed proof-of-concept research studies demonstrating the value proposition of Notch’s Engineered Thymic Niche (ETN) manufacturing platform that catalyzed investment and industry partnerships. She additionally contributed to Notch’s business development via a breadth of activities spanning KOL outreach, business operations, pipeline development planning, financial tracking, pitch deck creation, IP strategy, investor diligence, partner engagement, and team recruitment. Notch also participated and graduated from the 2017/ 2018 CDL-Vancouver Health stream cohort. Shreya completed her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Dr. Peter Zandstra’s stem cell bioengineering laboratory at University of Toronto in Canada and her B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in USA.