Tom Vroemen

Entrepreneur, Electric Leap

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Paris

Stream: Climate

Tom is an entrepreneur based in Paris and Amsterdam who has founded and sold multiple companies in Fintech, Eventtech and Cleantech. Educated as an Economist and Engineer, he founded CrowdAboutNow after a 5Y corporate career. This became Europe’s first licenced crowdfunding platform in 2009. While often doing fintech keynotes he founded BuzzMaster -a pre-cloud eventtech company- to bring dialogue to events. He sold CrowdAboutNow in 2015 and BuzzMaster in 2020, and from 2015 on he specialized in energy intensive electric vehicles with Ripple Yachts (electric speedboats) and Electric Leap (electric aeroplanes). Here, he focuses on bringing key deeptech proof points together with key user value creation to create the earliest possible commercial electric air transport.