1.1 ZOOM: How do I set up Zoom?

1.2 ZOOM: How do I join a Zoom meeting?

1.3 ZOOM: I cannot connect to Zoom?

1.4 ZOOM: How do I get my audio working?

1.5 ZOOM: How do I get my video working?

1.6 ZOOM: How do I change who I see?

1.7 ZOOM: How do I change the layout of Zoom?

1.8 ZOOM: How do I raise my hand in Zoom?

2.1 SLACK: How do I download Slack?

2.2 SLACK: How do I sign into Slack?

2.3 SLACK: How do I reset my Slack password?

2.4 SLACK: How do I search in Slack?

2.5 SLACK: How do I send messages and files?

2.6 SLACK: How do I turn on/off notification sounds?

3.1 GENERAL: How do I optimize my internet connection?

3.2 GENERAL: What is the recommended screen setup for session day?

3.3 GENERAL: What if I cannot find the answer in this FAQ?