Participants were all part of the CDL Quantum Incubator stream — the first of its kind globally — which acts as an incubator where founders build startups at the intersection of quantum computing and machine learning.

Participating teams used one of the quantum software-hardware platforms provided by CDL’s Technical Partners (D-Wave Systems, IBM Q, Rigetti Computing, Xanadu) to produce a set of code that implements a quantum algorithm for a chosen application. 

Three teams were awarded prizes as part of the July 2019 quantum hackathon:

Through the hackathon, participants had a chance to synthesize and consolidate the technical education and training component of the CDL Quantum stream. “Participants have been learning about quantum computing, software engineering, and actual quantum devices that they can use for a month. In this hackathon, they could try everything they had learned and they could also test-drive the team that they would like start a company with,” highlights Peter Wittek, Academic Director of the CDL Quantum stream and Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto.

Founders from the CDL-Toronto Quantum stream will continue to work on their business ideas to benefit from extensive advising sessions and regular office hours with quantum physics, machine learning, and quantum computing experts. CDL mentors also include accomplished entrepreneurs, experienced operators and active angel and venture investors. Mentors meet every eight weeks in Toronto to help founders to set objectives over the program’s 10-month duration.

Learn more about the CDL Quantum stream here.